Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Focus Efforts With A Meaningful Digital Marketing Strategy

We work with you to identify the right digital tools and approach based on your goals and budget.

Potential customers go online expecting to receive information that facilitate their purchase decision. With the continued increase in time spent online, a large part of a business’ marketing strategy is now unsurprisingly digital. A digital marketing strategy outlines the digital tools and measures to attract, convert and retain customers.

With an aim to make your business successful online, the digital marketing strategy we develop for you includes:

  • Finding out from you about your business, customers, competitors, challenges and opportunities.
  • Review of your current online activities.
  • How your website is performing. This includes an understanding of the purpose of your website and a call-to-action aligned to it, user experience, functionality, how leads are being captured and if it can be better managed through a CRM and more.
  • What does your search engine optimisation look like. This includes a review and recommendation of on-page and off-page SEO. We analyse this in the context of the market you are focusing on…be it national, regional or local. For example, if you are a gasfitter wanting to focus on the Auckland Central market, the SEO strategy will be different to a residential painting company wanting to target the whole of Auckland.
  • Social media review and strategy.
  • Content review and strategy.
  • Reviewing and interpreting analytics.
  • Review with you on which activities are best done in-house including any upskilling needs and which is best outsourced.

In summary, the digital marketing strategy it is a review of all your current online activities and recommended measures and actions to make it work better towards achieving your marketing and business goals.