Content Calendar

Content Calendar

Leverage The Power Of A Content Calendar

Determine your goals, research, strategise and map out content that resonates with your audience.

The purpose of a content calendar is not just to ensure that content is created; it is about creating valuable and relevant quality content consistently that aligns to business goals and strategy. 

A content calendar is typically drawn up for six or twelve months, and specifies the digital channels, frequency and topics/ themes. The content calendar is based on the content strategy. Research conducted prior to developing the content calendar includes industry research, competitor research, search trends, trending content and an understanding of the target audience.

Few of the popular digital channels we can incorporate into the content calendar are blogs, social media and email marketing. Other channel options are YouTube, podcasts, sponsored content, industry publications and more. The channel selection is based on relevance to the business and the content to be created. Each channel is different and thus the approach. For example, the social media content plan will detail the social media apps, dates for the posts, time of day if relevant, theme/ topic/ CTA, image source and hashtags to be used for each post.

While it is important to stick to a plan, flexibility and the ability to adapt is also key to the success of the content strategy. We will keep an eye on the engagement and fine tune the plan as appropriate to ensure that new opportunities are availed.