Content strategy

Content strategy

Develop Content Strategies For Effective Digital Marketing

Synergise your content wherever you place it with a content strategy that incorporates SEO and
social media.

Content strategy is the prioritising of what content to place where and when towards achieving the
goals and objectives of the business or non-profit. This covers content purpose, themes, topics, SEO,
metadata, competitor analysis, industry trends, and more.

Content strategy includes:

  • Developing relevant personas (personality profile) of the audience you want to reach and
    influence. The more information available in terms of age, gender, location, income,
    education, ethnicity, family status, job title, needs they are trying to resolve, influences,
    preferences, etc; the better personas can be created to develop content for.
  • Explore current content in the industry to determine gaps and opportunities. It should be
    based on relevance to your business and what your target customers care about.
  • Recommend content types to use. In most cases, we feel it is better to focus on few highly
    relevant content types than many. There are many types of content options, be it a blog,
    case study, infographic, white paper, ebook, video, review, photo gallery, illustration,
    newsletter, podcast, webinar, Apps, Instagram story, Facebook post, email marketing,
    promotion, and so on. We help our clients determine the best content types for them.
  • The relationship with SEO. If you have all the required content, it maybe that the focus is
    required to be on content quality and SEO, and this is a slightly different strategy. While SEO
    elements such as keyword research and metadata contribute to the content, for SEO to be
    effective quality content and a value-driven strategy is fundamental. We believe the content
    strategy and SEO strategy should be created together.
  • Finally, in today’s mobile first online search world, we may also recommend removing
    content that is of no benefit to you.