Email Marketing & Landing Pages

Email Marketing & Landing Pages

Increase email marketing conversions with landing pages

Target, convert and retain customers with effective email marketing and landing pages.

Email newsletters are a powerful marketing tool. It provides an effective connection with your targeted audience combining content, design and strategy to deliver ROI (return on investment).  Regular and effective emails with strong landing pages are growing in popularity to increase conversions.

Our email marketing service is designed to help you generate more leads, grow your database and retain your customers. We can take care of your email strategy from template design to tracking to reporting. This includes both direct and retention emails. We can develop email designs and templates that best conveys the messages about you, your product or service, tips and offers. We take care that the emails are responsive and display seamlessly across different screens.  We will also set up email tracking to monitor the performance of your email campaigns.

We can set up or edit the forms on your website to enable you to build your email database on an ongoing basis. It is important to provide a relevant incentive or something of value in exchange for obtaining email address and other contact details from your website visitor. We can also set up a custom thank you page which the subscriber can receive.

Great, the email marketing is working and is driving prospects to your website! Have you considered the conversion architecture of your page? How do you convince your website visitors to act? The landing page design with easy navigation, relevant content and clear CTA (call-to-action) are key to successful conversion. Be it for an AdWords campaign, banner ad, Facebook ad, email campaign or a limited time offer, having a good landing page can make a huge difference.

Whilst every page on your website is a landing page, this term is usually associated with a page specifically designed to get your website visitors to take a specific action. Landing page quality and relevance is a critical factors for Google, be it from paid search or organic search. A great landing page increases the AdWords quality score leading to a higher ad position and lower CPC (cost-per-click). Most importantly, it leads to a higher conversion rate. Similarly, designing and developing a search engine optimised landing page can lead to more organic and quality traffic to your website.

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