Sales & Marketing Automation

Sales & Marketing Automation

Automate To Power Up Your Business

Save and optimise time, effort, revenue and creativity with marketing automation. 

Have you lost an opportunity because of delayed or no follow-up? Do you find you do not have enough time to hunt for new business and instead get bogged down with paperwork?  Do you miss sending out welcome emails to new clients?  Do you lack visibility on the marketing to sales funnel?

Sales and marketing automation lead to better visibility on the process of attracting and converting new leads and on ways to improve further. With a good CRM, mundane sales processes can be automated enabling sales consultants to develop leads, close deals and focus on the customer experience. Lead generation from multiple sources can be automated, be it from websites, social media channels, trade shows, referrals and a multitude of other lead sources. If you have a sales team, you could even improve lead conversions by better distribution to the right reps.

Based on better business processes, there are many benefits to automation. These include:

  • It is easier to track and measure campaign performance and effectiveness.
  • It ensures new clients are send a welcome email and existing clients are proactively followed up on.
  • Tasks can be automatically assigned to users based on rules set with email notification to the user.
  • Track performance of email marketing and social media campaigns with analytical reporting