Blogs, Online PR, ORM

Blogs, Online PR, ORM

Influence And Build Trust with Blogs & Press Releases

Inform and attract clients with carefully researched relevant content; be it as a blog, press release or for online reputation management.

It is important to publish original, well composed and frequent content to engage your potential customers as also rank well for relevant search terms on search engines.

It is not about putting together 500 odd words and posting it on the website. The blogs we write for you are based on what your audience wants to read. The current thinking is that a blog should be around 2000 words to be effective, however that does not mean stretching 200 words to 2000 words. Our focus is on the blogs being as long as required to say what is required to be said; i.e., content density and not content length.

The purpose of online press release is to utilise online news distribution services to communicate newsworthy stories and raise awareness about the company. Online PRs are also important when online reputation management is involved. We recommend 1 press release per month or additional PR’s based on the company’s requirements.

While we are not a Public Relations firm, we can support businesses and non-profits with online reputation management. ORM is rather complex and includes a mix of SEO, press release, social media, new web properties and fresh content.