Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Boost Engagement & Results With A Social Media Strategy

Determine the where, what, when, why and who for your social media channels.

Many businesses and non-profits are unsure of how to best manage social media or don’t have the
time or people to put together a social media strategy and manage it. With social media, businesses
can target and engage current and potential customers, increase revenue and improve awareness of
their products, services and cause.

Businesses and non-profits need a custom social media strategy based on their goals, resources and
an understanding of the purpose of their social media presence. Our initial social media strategy
document includes:

  • An audit that includes your current activity, competitor’s activity, overview of engagement
    levels, consistency of messaging, review of social sharing buttons on your website, profile
    optimisation, etc.
  • Relevant social media platforms and how to use them
  • What content format is best suited on which platform. These can be text, images, videos,
    audio, infographics, etc.
  • Actions to build an engaged community. This is based on determining the extent to which
    you know your audience, the content they like and what content resonates with them. It is
    also important to figure out how to gain engagement consistency.
  • Social media scheduling. This includes the dates for the posts, theme/ topic/ Call-To-Action,
    image source and hashtags recommended to be used.
  • Social media advertising. If relevant, we could also provide recommendation on social media
    advertising options and budget.