Succeed With Strategies That Deliver!

Develop an appropriate strategy; be it for business, digital marketing, content, social media, SEO
or CRM.

A truth with most New Zealand SME owners is that they are mostly working in and not on the business. Many business owners find that the growth is mostly plateaued or dipped after some time. Having started the business or service, it is possible that the business owner or decision makers are too involved in the business and lose sight of growth opportunities and profitability.

There is an old Chinese saying; “when you play a game you should decide three things from the outset: the rules, the stakes and the moment to stop.”  In the New Zealand business context, this can be interpreted as the moment when the business owner may decide to establish or review their strategy for the business.

We specialize in consulting small-medium businesses and non-profits with strategies related to digital marketing, content, social media, CRM, or even retooling business strategy from the start with the vision, mission, goals and objectives.

Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Finding out from you about your business, customers, competitors, challenges and opportunities.
  • Review of your current online activities.
  • How your website is performing. This includes an understanding of the purpose of your website and a call-to-action aligned to it, user experience, functionality, how leads are being captured and if it can be better managed through a CRM and more.
  • What does your search engine optimisation look like. This includes a review and recommendation of on-page and off-page SEO. We analyse this in the context of the market you are focusing on…be it national, regional or local. For example, if you are a gasfitter wanting to focus on the Auckland Central market, the SEO strategy will be different to a residential painting company wanting to target the whole of Auckland.

Social Media Strategy

  • An audit that includes your current activity, competitor’s activity, overview of engagement levels, consistency of messaging, review of social sharing buttons on your website, profile optimisation, etc.
  • Relevant social media platforms and how to use them
  • What content format is best suited on which platform. These can be text, images, videos, audio, infographics, etc.
  • Actions to build an engaged community. This is based on determining the extent to which you know your audience, the content they like and what content resonates with them. It is also important to figure out how to gain engagement consistency.

Content strategy

  • Developing relevant personas (personality profile) of the audience you want to reach and influence. The more information available in terms of age, gender, location, income, education, ethnicity, family status, job title, needs they are trying to resolve, influences, preferences, etc; the better personas can be created to develop content for.
  • xplore current content in the industry to determine gaps and opportunities. It should be based on relevance to your business and what your target customers care about.